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 تفاصيل خبر بشامل

Prince Sultan U'sity Students Visit WB

On Thursdays Dec 29th 2016, Al Watania Bricks (WB) received a visit from the College of Engineering’s students in Prince Sultan University (PSU) lead by the Professor of Industrial Engineering & Al Watania for Industries (WFI) board of directors member Dr. Ahmed Al Khalifa. The visitors were welcomed by the General Manager of Al Watania Bricks Mr. Mohammed Zafar, department managers and Public Relations' team. The delegates listen to a brief presentation on WFI & its SBUs and details explanation on WB production & products; students visited the production lines and see the volume of business, production and mega capabilities in field of construction. At the end of the visit, the delegates expressed their thanks to WB for their warm welcome and hospitality and for valuable information & knowledge provided during the visit. Also expressed their admiration on the advance technologies & modern components that owned by the company

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